About Us

Who We Are

We always thank our Almighty God for anything! Our hard work and labor is inspired by His teachings. Though we come from nothing, we are blessed abundantly, our gifts we want to use to help those who have less material wealth and those who have enough but are smart consumers.

We share tips & information on the basic creation or troubleshooting of any computer related issues, directv issues, home entertainment issues & mobile devices issues to anybody who just started to learn and knows less .

We offer our services affordable to anyone even if we make less because we have been there and we understand that though these times are difficult, life is not all about material wealth. When our services satisfies our customers more than what we expected, then we know the labors from our heart is more than enough

What We Share to You

How to’s


(Create, Change password, Delete email)

Social Media

(Creating an account: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. Changing profile settings including uploading pictures)

Computer Desktops, Laptops, & Tablets (proper maintenance, shutting down, troubleshooting & etc.)

Mobile Devices

(adding Android apps or itunes apps on your mobile devices, setting up email on your new device, troubleshooting)


(Wired/Wireless; setup, troubleshooting)

Internet Modem/Router

(setup, change password, useful tips)


(troubleshooting, setup & etc)

"A gift of knowledge, a gift we humbly share"